We are indie game studio working on virtual entertainment for many years. We started on 1st January 2013, and then we grew quickly. Our experience allows us to work on PC and mobile games, create tools and assets for other games creators as well as professionally localize products. Flexibility and virtuality of our studio allows us to operate worldwide - without limits!


In our studio, we use the newest technologies and the best management, so our employees can co-operate from hundreds kilometres away.


Passion is the glue that binds our team together. Because of it, work is always a breeze. With passion our team can always stand up to a challenge.


In our studio we combine passion and skills with the creativity. Thanks to it we can step further into the world of virtual entertainment and create games for you.


Skills are important part of every project. Without them we couldn’t even think about creating games, however in our studio we work with many talented individuals.

Our principles

When Øyvind Development Group tinkers with their projects, we always focus on their innovativity and quality. It’s important for us to deliver the best possible virtual entertainment to you and it is our goal to bring you games that you’ll enjoy. Remember, we are always happy to receive your feedback about our work.

Contact us

mail at oyvind dot eu